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Recyclable container

How can you recycle steel?

Learn about what you can do to recycle more steel, and where to recycle steel.

How to recycle steel

Washing ou the steel can

In the home

  • After using steel containers, just rinse them and put them in a recycling box or bag.
  • Put the bag out for collection by your local authority or take the steel containers to a Can Bank.
  • If you do not have kerbside in your area take it to your nearest can bank.

At school

A school boy recycling
  • Choose a recycling monitor for your class who will collect used steel cans and other containers.
  • When you have filled a bag or box ask your teacher to contact your local authority who will then collect it or take it to your nearest bring / civic amenity site.

At work

Recycling at work

Set up a designated recycling area for steel containers.

  • Encourage work colleagues to participate.

Out and about

Steel can
  • Put used steel containers into a Can Bank.
  • Even on holiday look out for recycling facilities so you can keep on recycling!

Where to recycle

Find out about your local authority's recycling services, and locate your nearest Can Bank.

Recycling services

Many local authorities offer doorstep collection services, and most include steel packaging such as food and drink cans, aerosols, tins and lids. Contact your local authority for more details or go to the Recycle More website to discover which recycling services your local authority provides.

Can Banks

There are many Can Banks around the country where you can take steel cans and containers for recycling. The Recycle More website has a Bank Locator that will tell you where you can find your nearest metal recycling point.