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The steel can was invented in the late 18th century to solve the problem of keeping food fresh for Napoleon's soldiers in battle.

Steel can in space!
In the 1960s, steel cans boldly went where no can had gone before - into space.
Cans are lighter and brighter
The latest developments mean that the cans are now lighter and brighter than ever before.

Thin as a £5 note

Scientists are constantly developing new types of steel. One recent example is a can with walls as thin as a £5 note. These cans are a third lighter than normal cans but just as strong. As well as making lighter cans, thinner steel means fewer raw materials are used - which is good news for greenies.

The future

What will steel cans be like in the future? Will they be able to recycle themselves or squash themselves when you've finished with them? Watch this space!