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SCRIB ­ the Steel Can Recycling Information Bureau ­ provides information... on steel packaging recycling to the general public, local authorities and the commercial sector. It is a valuable education resource for teachers, parents and education officers, with downloadable class room activities which can also be done in the home.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of recycling steel.

SCRIB is sponsored by Tata Steel, the international metals company. Tata Steel is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high quality packaging steels. We focus on innovative new materials, applications and processing technologies, working closely with our business partners to increase value all along the supply chain.

Tata Steel Packaging Recycling

Tata Steel Packaging Recycling (CSPR), a subdivision of Tata Steel, is working hard to promote the recycling of all types of steel packaging, so that we can keep increasing the amount of steel that is recycled, help preserve the earth’s natural resources and divert material from landfill.

Find out more about Tata Steel and recycling steel.