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Herefordshire School can prove its green credentials!

ASDA and Hereford United are no strangers to helping families learn more about the environment and have teamed up with SCRIB to set the schools the challenge to design a recycling poster which outlines what the school is doing to promote recycling.

To enter, schools simply have to design a poster on an A4 piece of paper which promotes recycling. The poster must feature plastic bags and steel cans somewhere within the design. Then, you simply write the name of the pupil, class and school on the back of the poster and hand it in to customer services at ASDA Hereford. The competition closes on 20th April.

The winning design will be chosen by Hereford United and visited by SCRIB’s Nicola Bennett and ASDA’s June Thurston, to learn how to keep their school and home as green as possible.

ASDA Hereford already supports recycling by offering plastic bag recycling and encouraging families to use their ‘bag for Life’ instead of plastic bags.

A staggering 11 billion plastic bags are used in the UK every week and each one can take hundreds of years to rot away in a landfill site. ASDA Hereford wants to make sure it’s customers aren’t adding to the problem and that’s why it’s teaming up with SCRIB.

ASDA want to do more by making it easier for their customers to reduce their carrier bag usage (which is currently 2.2 billion each year) and has committed to The Courtauld Commitment, which aims to reduce environmental impact of carrier bag usage by 25%.

With recycling suffering its first major dip as an industry because of the recession, it is vitally important that the education of recycling remains strong and SCRIB education officer, Nicola Bennett, is looking forward to seeing the entries.

Nicola commented: I am delighted to team up with the Bulls and ASDA, who already work hard in the community to promote recycling with their club policies and store facilities. By asking children to creatively think about recycling, we can ensure sustainability is at the front of their minds and Im sure the schools in Hereford will produce some fantastic entries.

ASDAs June Thurston said: Our customers have been very good at adopting the bag for life but we can all continue to support recycling and thats why Im hoping we see lots of entries to find our School Champion. Ill be joining Nicola to meet the winners and help spread the green message in Hereford.

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