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Corus goes back to College

Corus goes back to College

The lectures, that took place during October, discussed the topics of sustainability and the environment, with a focus on recycling & packaging steels. They contributed towards the Citizenship section of the students' Welsh Baccalaureate and Computer Science courses.

Nicola Bennett commented: "It was a bit strange at first to be back at college, especially as the lecturer, but everyone made me very welcome. The lectures and interaction with the students were a fantastic opportunity to get the recycling message across to a maturing audience and build relationships with the local community at the same time."

Alan Smith, Faculty Manager at Coleg Sir Gar College, said; "The talk was excellent, and it was interesting to learn how a major local employer such as Corus, is being proactive in taking steps to protect the environment. The students expressed genuine interest and concern when they clearly saw how their recycling activities impact on everyday life; the cycle being from our recycling bins, to the County Council, to Corus, who buy up the metal. This results in the cans we find in supermarkets today, then the cycle begins all over again."

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