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Rebecca Dickinson
Rebecca Dickinson at the BBC

Young recycling champion

Rebecca Dickinson, 10, is passionate about recycling. Since a very early age she has spread the word about recycling and the environment. This year, she launched her own website to educate her local community about the importance of recycling - On the site there a several e-newsletters that can be downloaded offering a feast of facts and information about recycling and how we can all DOB - do our bit.

SCRIB was hugely impressed by the amount of effort and research that Rebecca has put into the newsletters, but it is not just us that have recognised the hard work she has put in. BBC Radio Leeds invited her to make an appearance with DJ Tim Crowther earlier this year to discuss recycling and other environmental issues. Rebecca has also received several awards and prizes for her work promoting the environment.

To find out more about what Rebecca is doing, check out her website.

Keep up the good work Rebecca!

If you have been promoting recycling in your community or have been involved in a recycling project with your school, or with your friends we want to know about it. You can email us on or send us your posters or ideas to:

SCRiB, c/o Corus Steel Packaging Recycling, Trostre Works, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA14 9SD.

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