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A recycling collector
Models on Brighton Beach wearing swimwear made from crushed recycled steel drink cans
John Evans world records holder balancing stacked cans on his head

Recycle Now Week: Putting steel packaging in the spotlight

Recycle Now Week took place from 2nd - 9th June and has already been hailed as a great success by everyone involved.

To mark the week, Corus organised two media stunts to raise awareness of the importance of recycling steel packaging, demonstrating just how versatile and strong steel is as a packaging material.

On the Monday of the week, Brighton Beach was the chosen location to showcase two unique swimwear outfits - a bikini and trunks made entirely out of crushed recycled steel drinks cans. Two models took to the beach on a hot summer's day to show off their figures and their exclusive choice of swimwear.

On the Tuesday, the 'metals day' of the week, Corus organised a successful attempt to set a new world record for the number of filled steel drinks cans carried by one person. John Evans, renowned strongman and holder of over 30 world records, succeeded in balancing an incredible 429 (330ml) cans on his head - equivalent to around 27 stone.

John Evans has travelled the world with his unique ability to balance immense weights on his head and has performed in diverse locations from Hollywood to China. His world records are varied too, balancing everything from bricks to beer kegs and milk crates to a full size Mini Cooper.

The theme of this year's Recycle Now Week was 'transformation' and Corus was keen to transform what people think of recycling; making them aware of how easy it is and changing perceptions of what can be recycled.

Steel packaging - from food and drink cans, to aerosols and biscuit tins - leads the way when it comes to transformation. Recycled steel packaging could end up in one of thousands of steel products such as bikes, cars, bridges, paper clips, or even another food or drink can.

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